International Salsa Instructor, choreographer and performer


Rodolfo is one of the pioneers who introduce salsa on 2 and cross body style into his country (Chile), with more than 10 years of experience and his own salsa school in Chile, South-America.

Proud to be Latino exposing the roots of his culture everywhere he is…

Natural talent, pure, smooth, innovative, and fast feet best describes this talented man.

His offer is the evolution of mambo, trying to put together all abilities, in order to show a new direction with estimate respect for traditions. This way he has initiated a new trend in salsa- mambo “South American style”

after a successfully career in Poland being One of the most respected, well known, International Salsa Instructor, choreographer and performer…decided to take a lead and expand his frontiers, now days, Living In Amsterdam – The Netherlands, bringing us with the eyes of visionary, part of  the Afro – Caribbean dancing culture, with all its flavor.

He is convinced, that dance can change the interior of your heart and above all, your whole life.